Do you have your own medical, wellness or MedSpa practice? Do you wonder if your monthly overhead cost for space might be too high, but are not sure if there are really any better options out there? Well, you’re not alone.  Many independent medical practitioners like you that only need small or part-time medical space are paying way too much for their space that often sits dark or unused a lot of the time. It’s a major waste of resources and it’s happening everywhere throughout the medical space industry.  Viva MedSuites is the first medical space provider to bring a new type of space to the market, allowing medical and wellness professionals to trade in their current high overhead medical office space for the flexible, affordable, and efficient system of medical office sharing in a professional medical co-working environment.

At Viva MedSuites in Scottsdale, Arizona, we provide shared medical office space for rent at less than the cost of a traditional small medical office space, but with all the amenities and services of a large medical office. We have broken the mold of the “traditional” medical office space in an effort to provide a better medical experience for both patients and practitioners of medicine and wellness. Take a virtual tour of our state-of-the-art facility today.

In today’s blog post, we are going to discuss some of the advantages that you, as a medical or wellness professional, can expect should you decide to join us here at Viva MedSuites.

The Benefits of Working within a Viva MedSuites Facility

Low Overhead

One of the most common reasons that small to medium-sized medical or wellness practices have trouble growing and establishing themselves in the Scottsdale healthcare industry is because of the high overhead costs associated with growing a practice. Luckily, at Viva MedSuites, we offer medical office space for rent that allows health and wellness practitioners to focus their financial resources on more important aspects of their practice, like building or growing a patient base.

Another benefit of opening a medical clinic space inside a Viva MedSuites location is that you avoid the tedious tasks of setting up utilities, IT, and of furnishing, equipping and decorating the space, and instead allows you to hit the ground running.

At Viva MedSuites, it is our goal to provide medical clinic space to both medical and wellness specialists in a flexible and cost-effective way. Check out our pricing and payment plans today.

Short & Flexible Leasing Options

Medical office sharing is an excellent opportunity for practices to pay for clinic space as they use it, rather than paying for full-time space that sits unused a good part of the time each week. At Viva MedSuites, we offer three plans to accommodate many different medical or wellness practice situations. Below, we have briefly outlined our flexible payment options for subletting our medical offices.

  • The weekly plan is perfect for the practitioner who wants a part-time presence and can commit to a minimum of two half-day blocks per week.  They can count on having their own exam room on the days were chosen and can schedule their appointments accordingly.
  • The pay-as-you-go plan is the perfect plan for practitioners who may want to schedule their use of exam rooms on a less frequent or less consistent basis. By paying a small weekly membership fee, you can schedule available exam rooms using our online tenant portal and pay by the hour for only the hours you schedule.  Your first 4 hours per month are included in your membership fee.
  • The exclusive room plan is the plan for practitioners who have small but full-time space needs and don’t want to share their room with others on a time-share basis.  An exclusive room plan gives you 24/7 access to the facility and your private, non-shared exam room.

We get it — different medical and wellness practitioners need different things, but there is no reason that a varied schedule should exclude a practitioner from having access to professional medical space. Contact us today to discuss pricing options.

Big Office Resources And Amenities

Regardless of which plan you decide is best for your needs, when you become a Viva MedSuites member, you’ll have the same professional medical facility resources included.  Our pricing includes everything that you will often pay in addition to your rent elsewhere:  utilities, janitorial, CAMS, taxes, maintenances, furniture, equipment, basic medical supplies, WiFi internet, printing, copying, scanning, etc.

Check out a complete list of the amenities that we provide our network of medical and wellness practitioners here at Viva MedSuites.

Medical Networking Opportunities

Arguably one of the most exciting aspects of being able to utilize shared office space is the available networking opportunities. Medical office sharing can provide a multitude of networking opportunities for medical and wellness practitioners because of the dynamic, collaborative, and social structure that shared spaces create. Through this shared networking, practitioners can reach out and ask questions, access other medical professionals, and use each other as helpful resources.

Another one of the great benefits of shared offices is that of being able to generate potential leads and new clients from the networking connections you make. Medical office sharing more closely resembles a community, and you can do much of the networking you need within that community. At Viva MedSuites, we are happy to support a variety of medical and wellness practitioners in a flexible, relaxed, and dynamic community.

Viva MedSuites: Your New Scottsdale Healthcare Destination

At Viva MedSuites, we are more than just a medical office sharing location in Scottsdale. We are a medical sharing office that allows medical and wellness practitioners to operate and grow their practices without having to take on too much risk and overhead to have a professional medical facility. We offer our members a professional medical clinic facility that provides them with access to all of the amenities and resources they need to operate a patient-friendly medical clinic space.

If you are interested in our facilities, we invite you to take a virtual tour or contact us today. If you are in the Scottsdale area, feel free to stop by and see for yourself just how nice flexible and affordable office space can be.

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