In part one of this blog, we discussed the first of three emerging trends that are re-shaping the medical industry. Technology, being one of three influencing drivers in the world of medical office space, greatly affects the way that both practitioners and consumers of medical care think and operate. Today, Viva MedSuites, your source for medical office sharing in Scottsdale, will continue to discuss current trends in the medical industry.


One of the best ways to serve and grow your patient base as an independent medical practitioner is to provide them with locations that are convenient to them.   If a patient sees that the practice is in an undesirable or distant location, they are likely to seek medical treatment elsewhere, making your choice of a medical office space extremely important.  

At Viva MedSuites in Scottsdale, we offer dynamic solutions to both issues of location and the ease of booking and checking in to appointments. Located just south of Scottsdale Shea Hospital off of the 101 Freeway, Viva MedSuites offers a convenient, centralized and easily accessible medical office space you’ll be proud to bring your patients to.

Optimized Space

Historically medical office space has been described as uncomfortable or cringe-worthy as a result of their aesthetic and design. Current trends, however, suggest that patients may feel more comfortable in a medical office space if it feels more welcoming. Additionally, design and aesthetics can contribute to the quality of care that the consumer feels that they receive.

Here at Viva MedSuites, our medical clinic space is modern, clean and contemporary, with high-end finishes. Take a virtual tour of our facilities today to see for yourself, or contact us to schedule a tour so that you can see just what we mean.

Innovative Shared Medical Office Space for Rent in Scottsdale, AZ

At Viva MedSuites, we understand that the medical office space industry is continuously changing, but that shouldn’t be your job to worry about as a small or growing medical practice. Because of this, we offer our dynamic Medical Co-Working Timeshare leasing option so that your practice can stay on the forefront of trends in shared medical office space without having to worry about the overheads and costs associated with renting a large-scale facility.

It is our belief at Viva MedSuites that small sized practices shouldn’t have to be locked into long-term leases in medical office spaces that they only partially use. So, come visit us at Viva MedSuites and pay for the space that you need, when you need it.

To take a digital tour of our facility, click here. If you have further questions about our medical office rentals, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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