As we have discussed in a few of our previous blogs, the medical office space lease, as we know it is changing. But why is something as constant as a medical office space lease changing? Well, there are drivers of change like technology, convenience, and space that have influenced the industries pivotal shift away from traditional leasing options, but what has really influenced this change is that medical professionals have all too many times been locked into leases with large overheads — and now they are looking for something new —  medical co-working timeshares.

Here at Viva MedSuites, we are a co-working timeshare office space that offers affordable and flexible leasing options to medical professionals that would otherwise be locked into ridiculous overhead costs. In today’s blog post we will be discussing a few if the most common mistakes that medical professionals make when looking at medical office space for rent.

Compromising On Location

Often times when a medical professional that runs a small to medium sized practice is looking for a medical office location they end up having to compromise. Small to medium-sized practices that are just starting up or in developmental stages do not have the capital that large, well established, practices have, often forcing them to seek out a “diamond in the rough” type of property — meaning an adequate medical office space in a less-than-desirable location.

At Viva MedSuites our medical co-working timeshare office space is a direct challenge to the status quo of medical office space leasing. Rather than being forced to settle on a less-than-desirable location, small to medium-sized developing practices can join our medical co-working timeshare system, avoiding traditional overhead costs and only paying for the time that they need the space, while not having to forgo one of the best medical office space locations in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Underestimating Extensive Build-Outs

In addition to issues regarding location, medical practitioners must also seek out medical office spaces for rent while keeping in mind the costs associated with building out space and making it functional to their practice. Much like location, the cost of building out an office space usually forces healthcare professionals to compromise on the location and quality of their new medical office space.  

At Viva MedSuites, we understand the conundrum that medical practitioners often find themselves in the developmental stages of their practice, hence why we created a medical co-working timeshare office space that allows you to grow your practice without worrying about building out, and furnishing, your office space.

Blindly Signing A Lease

Blindly signing a lease is never a good idea, whether you are looking for medical office space, a home, or an apartment. While it might seem easy to juxtapose medical office space with a home or apartment, or even corporate office spaces, it’s not. Medical office space has many unforeseen complications unless you know what you should be looking for. What is the overhead? What is the binding length of the term? At what point can you break the lease, if any?

At Viva MedSuites, we understand the inflexible lease terms that traditional medical office leasing embodies, whether that be direct leasing, subletting, or traditional timeshare leasing. Because of that, we decided that our medical co-working timeshare leasing would actually cater to your needs as a small to medium sized developing practice. First and foremost, we offer our tenants with highly flexible leasing terms, so much so that you will only pay for the time and space that you use. Additionally, there is no financial risk, as unlike being locked into a traditional lease for 12 months, you can cancel your lease at Viva MedSuites any time with short-term notice if something comes up. Lastly, you can move in right away. Rather than blindly signing a lease, contact us here at Viva MedSuites and see how flexible medical office space leasing can be.

Grow Your Practice With Us At Viva MedSuites

As a small to medium-sized medical practice in its developmental stage, the medical office space real estate market can be rather precarious, forcing you as a medical practitioner to make fiscal risks and physical compromises. After seeing the unnecessary risks that medical practitioners and their medical practices have to go through on a day-to-day basis, Viva MedSuites was born.

At Viva MedSuites, we pride ourselves in being able to look out for the medical practices that do not have the capital, or who are not willing to make the financial risk in signing a traditional direct medical office space lease.

If you are interested in experiencing both flexibility and functionality in the growth of your medical practice we urge you to contact us at Viva MedSuites today.  If you would like to learn more about the amenities that our medical office sharing location offers, click here. We look forward to working with you and your practice soon!

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