Commonly Asked Questions & Answers

We understand that this can happen. We offer 3, 1-hour credits per month, if needed, for no-show patients. Credits do not roll over from month to month.

No, this is not a service we offer. With the number of practices that utilize our space, incoming calls would be too overwhelming. We recommend hiring a virtual assistant or answering service for that need.

No, you do not ever have to make a booking. Some members only utilize our office as a business address to receive mail and deliveries. When you do make a booking, the minimum booking is 1 hour and then in 30 minute increments after the first hour.

Yes! We have staff that provide these services for an additional fee. Members can purchase a package of time in either 1 hr, 3 hr, or 10 hr blocks and the staff member will deduct time spent on that Member’s behalf in 10-minute increments from their time bank. Rates for administrative or medical assistant services can be quoted as part of an online inquiry request or by phone or in person during a scheduled clinic tour.

NO, you keep 100% of your billings. We are here to help you build your practice. We offer medical clinic space and services for a fee and don’t ever get involved in your billings or revenue.

Yes. We require a security deposit that ranges from $300 for basic monthly membership to $1000 for full time/exclusive room use. Security deposits for weekly recurring block plans will depend on the number of weekly blocks and will typically be in the $400 to $600 range.

The security deposit is refundable at the end of your stay with us, but some or all of it may be forfeited if you default on your rent payments during your term or cause damage to the facility beyond normal wear and tear.

No. Anytime use of the Provider Work Room is included in the monthly membership fee. The Provider Work Room has desks and chairs and office equipment for printing, copying, scanning and shredding documents. It is not a private room and there may be multiple providers using it at the same time. It is not a place to see patients. For that you’ll need to book private exam/consulting rooms.

All members are required to have a payment source on file with us. We take all types of credit or debit cards or bank ACH. 

In a few cases of corporate satellite offices we can arrange to invoice the corporate billing office and setup ACH payment with them. 

Payments are charged automatically to your payment source per the terms of your membership agreement. Specifics will be detailed to you as part of signing your membership agreement.

We keep it very simple and highly flexible. For hourly or part time plans, you can terminate your membership at any time with a 3 month notice. So at any time you are never locked in for more than 3 months. If you want to add weekly recurring blocks you can do that at any time with no minimum notice required. If you want to reduce weekly recurring blocks, that will require a 3 month notice. Full time exclusive rooms do require a 12 month initial term.

Yes! Supplies and small equipment can be stored in lockers. We also offer lockable refrigerated storage for those members that want to store medications onsite that require refrigeration. Larger equipment that is too large for lockers may potentially be stored onsite, but will need to be approved by Viva MedSuites and is subject to available

equipment storage space. Storage pricing will be quoted to you at the time of a tour or specific inquiry.

If you have selected fixed weekly recurring time blocks, you will use the same room every time. That room will be blocked out for you automatically every week during your designated time blocks. If you are booking time on a PAYG hourly basis, you can book any room that is available. We do not guarantee specific rooms will be available for hourly bookings, but members will generally be able to book a room when needed, just not necessarily a specific room. If you want to have a specific room every time, you would need to sign up for weekly recurring blocks and you will be charged the block time every week whether you use it all or not. Full time exclusive room plans will be for the same room all the time.

Yes. You can book two or more exam rooms at the same time if they are available, but you will pay a separate fee for each room. Our booking fees are based on a per room basis.

We do not offer exclusivity to any practice type. There may be multiple members that offer similar services as your practice.

You won’t pay anything additional for all of the following services that are included in your membership. 

  • Building CAM (common area maintenance) 
  • Real Estate taxes 
  • Utilities 
  • Janitorial Services
  • WiFi internet 
  • Use of facility furniture and equipment 
  • Basic medical supplies stocked in the rooms 
  • Sharps and medical waste disposal

One of the benefits of membership is that you will get a full screen practice profile created for you that will be displayed on the large screen TV in the waiting room. Member profiles will cycle through on the big screen so that patients waiting in the waiting room will see providers profiles which can include services offered and contact info. You may also place business cards or small brochures at designated areas in the waiting room. All marketing materials must be approved by Viva management. 

In addition we send out member profiles and offers to all our members to help the members get to know each other and to foster referral relationships. We also will do occasional member networking events to get to know the other members. Referral relationships are best fostered in person and we encourage members to take time to meet and get to know the other members when they are there onsite. Many of our members have developed friendships and referral relationships with other members and find that these associations are a valuable part of their membership at Viva MedSuites.


Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you’re looking for and someone will get back with your shortly to answer your questions and if you’re interested in touring, to schedule a day/time for a tour