$300/mo + Private Space Fees

Private Space Fees

Hourly:  $45/hr- no minimum # hours required

Weekly Recurring Blocks: $160 per 1/2 day

Full Tim/Exclusive Room: $3,000/mo (subject to availability)


Weekly Blocks

Weekly recurring time blocks will both lower the hourly room costs and guarantee specific rooms you can count on every week. We divide each day into three blocks shown below. 
Weekly recurring time blocks on tablet

✓ Price is per room and includes use of all common areas, CAMs, Utilities, Janitorial, Taxes and WiFi Internet.
✓ MA Stations can be added for $20/hr or $60 per 1/2 day time block 
✓ If you occasionally need additional hours outside of your weekly block times you can still schedule them as needed for $45/hr.
✓ Block pricing is the same for all rooms and for all seven days of the week.
✓ Full Time (FT) exclusive room use is subject to availability.

Optional Add-ons

Add any of these optional resources to suit your needs
Small Locker Rental $30/mo
Medium Locker Rental $50/mo
Large Locker Rental $100/mo
Mini Fridge Rental $125/mo
MA Station $20/hr
Unlimited Print/Copy $25/mo

Initial Start Up Fees

Additional Keycards Beyond First One (optional)$25

Membership Setup Fee $300
Security Deposit $300 -$1000*

* Security Deposit for Standard Membership only is $300. Security Deposit for weekly block memberships  $400 – $1000 depending on number of blocks. Security Deposit is refundable after fully compliant termination of membership

Medical Assistant Services

Our members can also access a Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) to assist them in rooming patients, taking vitals, drawing blood, chaperoning in exams, making patient follow up calls, sending referrals or scripts, etc.  Pre-Pay for blocks of CMA time.  CMA will deduct the time spent on your account from your time block in 10 min. increments.


Eliminating the Downside of Traditional Medical Leasing

Low Image Locations

Many medical and wellness practitioners only need a small amount of space, but it doesn’t make sense for medical office buildings to divide their space down that small.  The result is that that the small space user is effectively locked out of the good locations– the professional medical office projects in the nice parts of town where you really want to be. Instead, they are relegated to 2nd and 3rd rate locations that don’t project a top-rate professional image to their patients and clients.

Too Much Space & Long-Term Leases

Because most medical office buildings can’t effectively break down their spaces down to less than 1,500 to 2,000 SF, many medical/wellness practitioners end up leasing more space than they really need and then are forced to try to sublease their excess space to others. That all changes with the creation of Viva MedSuites! Renting direct medical office space typically will require you signing a 5+ year lease, for more space than you really want, signing a personal guarantee, and putting up a hefty security deposit, and often spending lots of money on configuring the space to your needs, furnishing it and decorating it. Then if your needs change, you’re stuck in a long-term lease that you’ve personally guaranteed.

SubLeasing & Independent Contracting

If you elect not to lease your own direct space, your other option (before Viva MedSuites came along) was to sublease extra space from someone who did take on the huge risk and burden of doing a long term leased space. You will be operating in their shadow and not really building your own image. They may even want to get involved in taking a percentage of your hard earned billings- typically 50%+ in most revenue sharing arrangements!

We don’t get involved in your business at all. We are not a wellness center trying to build our own practice. We are purely a specialized medical workspace service provider designed specifically to serve the unique needs of many of today’s medical and wellness practitioners.

See For Yourself If Membership Is Right For You

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