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NP Medical Office Sharing

For professional and flexible medical office space for nurse practitioners, with a wide variety of medical office sharing amenities and pricing options, Viva MedSuites offers the most affordable and low-risk rental needs for a medical office of any size in a professional Scottsdale location.

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Viva MedSuites

9700 N. 91st St., Suite A-115
Scottsdale, AZ 85258
Phone: 480-616-2400


Monday – Sunday: 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM

    Perfect for Nurse Practitioners & Specialists

    Our affordable and professional medical office rentals are perfect for all types of nurse practitioners in Arizona. Whether you are searching for clinic timeshare space in Scottsdale or subleasing medical space for your expanding practice, you have found the most flexible and low risk solution out there.

    Medical office sharing in Scottsdale for independent nurse practitioners

    Nurse Practitioner Office for Lease

    Get a shared office space for lease for your nurse practitioner needs. Scalable to fit the size of your practice, Viva MedSuites offers the luxury of a permanent location with the flexibility of short-term renting.

    psychiatric nurse practice medical office space for rent in Scottsdale, AZ

    Psychiatric Nurse Daily Office Rental

    Get the affordable psychiatric nurse practitioner daily office rentals when you join Viva MedSuites. We offer affordable, daily and even hourly rates to fit the demand and scale of your psychiatric nursing needs.

    Affordable daily medical office rental for Scottsdale travel nurses

    Travel Nurse Office Sharing

    Viva MedSuites offers affordable, daily medical office rentals for travel nurses and full-service travel nurse office sharing. Should your practice grow, you can add more days in half-day increments.

    Holistic nurse practice daily clinic space rentals in Scottsdale

    Holistic Nurse Sublease Medical Space

    Need an affordable and flexible office space solution for your holistic nursing practice? We offer shared medical office spaces that are better than subleases to fit the changing needs of your practice.

    Scottsdale pediatric nurse practitioner doctor

    Pediatric Nurse Office Rental

    Viva MedSuites offers medical clinic timeshare space and services to pediatric nurses that fit the size and demands of their practice with daily, weekly, and pay as you go daily rate medical office rentals.

    Diabetes nurse practitioner office sharing timeshare in Scottsdale, Arizona

    Diabetes Nurse Office Rental

    With a variety of amenities like private lockable storage, IV and patient therapy rooms, as well as exam and consulting rooms, we have everything a diabetes nurse needs in an office rental.

    Dermatologist nurse practitioner daily medical office rental cheap Scottsdale

    Dermatology Nurse Daily Office for Rent

    We offer affordable and flexible office sharing solutions and dermatologist daily office rentals for derma nurse practitioners. With many amenities to suit your needs, there is no better medical office timeshare.

    Affordable medical office space for family nurse practitioners in Phoenix, AZ

    Family Nurse Practitioner Clinic Rental

    To find the right family nurse practitioner clinic rental, consider the Viva MedSuites timeshare location in Scottsdale. With daily, weekly, or even pay as you go rates, Viva MedSuites is the affordable solution for you.

    Scottsdale certified Nurse Midwifery and Gynocology practice office space rentals Scottsdale

    Gynecology & Midwifery Nurse Practices

    Get medical offices for lease for your gynecology and midwifery nurse practices with Viva MedSuites. We provide you with a variety of amenities and adjustable pricing options to fit your medical office needs.

    Nurse Practitioner Coworking Space

    At Viva MedSuites, we provide you with a professional medical clinic presence fully furnished, equipped, and ready for you to move in tomorrow. Located in the heart of Scottsdale’s medical corridor, our shared medical office has ten private exam and consulting rooms that are professionally equipped, furnished, and decorated. We have redesigned the medical office rental industry so that you can customize your rental options based on the needs and scale of your practice, no matter how big or small.

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    Daily NP office rentals in Scottsdale, AZ

    Nurse Medical Office for Rent Near Me

    With a prime, Scottsdale location that is located right in the medical corridor, you will find no better nurse medical office rentals than Viva MedSuites. We provide you with the supplies and furnishings you need with offices that are move-in ready and have no long term commitments. With IV therapy, waiting rooms, touch screen kiosk patient check-in system, professional furnishings and equipment, and much more, Viva MedSuites is the scalable and affordable medical office space timeshare that the medical industry has been looking for.

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    Licensed Nurse Practitioner independent medical office space Scottsdale

    Grow Your NP Private Medical Practice

    Existing timeshare medical clinics don’t really work for the fast changing needs of many of today’s medical practices or for new and growing practices. Viva MedSuites is the new solution that provides maximum scalability and flexibility for medical and wellness practitioners. Grow your nurse practitioner private medical practice with the help of Viva MedSuites and it’s affordable rental options in Scottsdale. With a variety of amenities and pricing options, Viva MedSuites is the perfect shared medical space for your nurse practitioner needs.

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    Scottsdale pediatric nurse practice office space near me Scottsdale

    Low-Rate Nurse Practitioner Clinic Offices

    Sometimes you don’t want a three to five year commitment for your nurse practitioner clinic offices. All you need is a low-rate plan that you can terminate or expand at any time, giving you all the control in your medical office rental needs. At Viva MedSuites, we offer just that, with medical offices that include private lockable storage, wifi, exam and consulting rooms, waiting rooms, touch screen kiosk patient check-in system, and much more. Schedule a tour with Viva MedSuites today to find the right low-rate plan that fits your practice demands.

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