5 Must-Try Marketing Methods for Medical Practices

Marketing your medical practice does not have to be complicated or difficult. In fact, you will find that with just one targeted effort, you can feed multiple marketing streams. Below is a list of five marketing methods that work well together to get your medical practice buzzing with new business. 

  1. Manage Your Online Reputation

Claim all your listings online. From websites like Healthgrades to your Google “My Business” listing, find your information, claim it, and ensure your phone number, address, website, and email address are always up to date. By claiming your listings online, you take control of your information and can respond to questions and reviews. This shows would-be patients that you are current and accessible, traits that are inviting for new business.

  1. Start A Patient Referral Program

Referrals are an excellent way to increase business and can be obtained from other medical offices and other patients. Use your specialty to create content that offers value to other practitioners. For example, offering lectures provides your medical community with an in-depth understanding of your services. By providing a steady stream of important information, such as which symptoms are best treated at your office, you instill confidence in other professionals.  Lectures can be offered in-person and/or videotaped to be shared on your website and social media platforms. Many professionals are hesitant to refer patients for fear of breaking patient satisfaction. However, by offering easy access to continued education, you can demonstrate your knowledge and commitment to promoting best care practices. 

  1. Start and Maintain a Patient-Centered Blog

Blogs keep your website active, preventing content from becoming stale in cyberspace. This is a different form of relaying information and should be geared toward your patients. The lectures on your website are meant for other professionals and will carry the tone of continued education. However, a blog should provide tips for preventing illness, tips for a healthy life, and other relevant information your patients will find valuable. Create a schedule for blogging and stick to it. Consistent output is crucial and incorporating search engine optimization (SEO) will help to increase your website’s visibility online. Don’t forget to share your blog! Link back to your website by sharing on all social media platforms and email blasts. 

  1. Ask Patients for Reviews

Many medical offices make the mistake of thinking satisfied patients will be quick to share a positive experience online. Although they often will, you need to ask. In a post-appointment email, you can send a quick thank you and a request for a review. Include the link of your website or other platforms where you would like for the review to be posted to make it quick and easy for your patient. Keep the review process simple for your patients – one quick link will do the trick. In addition, ask your front desk staff to verbally request a review when patients check out of your office. 

  1. Create and Send Monthly Newsletters

Newsletters can be sent out in email form by using an email marketing system or can be printed and mailed out to patients, depending on your preference. In a newsletter, include links back to your ongoing blog, announcements for upcoming events, and even coupons for special promotions. You may also want to include a positive review or testimonial to encourage other patients to visit your office. 

Once you have a marketing plan put together, you will find that one simple action reverberates. A blog adds content to your website, your social media platforms, and your newsletter – just like that, you have engaged in SEO optimization, social media marketing, and email marketing! 

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