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    Shared Medical Office Space For Mesa Healthcare Professionals

    Get Your Medical Practice Up & Running Quickly With Our Medical Office Suites

    Discover the ideal shared medical office space for Mesa healthcare professionals at our state-of-the-art facility. Our medical office suites are designed to provide a turnkey solution, allowing you to get your practice up and running quickly and efficiently. Benefit from a collaborative environment where healthcare professionals can thrive and provide optimal patient care. With modern amenities and fully equipped office spaces, our facility ensures a seamless transition into your new medical practice. Enjoy the convenience of shared spaces that promote collaboration and efficiency, fostering a supportive community within the healthcare industry.

    We prioritize flexibility, offering customizable plans to suit your specific needs, whether you require hourly, part-time, or full-time access to our medical office suites. Join our community of healthcare professionals and elevate your practice with the unparalleled resources and support provided at our shared medical office space in Mesa. Contact us today to explore the possibilities and take the first step towards a successful and thriving medical practice.

    Read Our Clients’ Testimonials

    Medical Coworking Space In Mesa With 5-Star Rated Reviews

    Dr. Alissia Zenhousern-Pfeiffer, NMD – Member since March 2020

    One of the best parts of working at Viva MedSuites is having the amazing support of Chelsea for both front office and clinical needs. This has been a total game changer and my patients love her!

    star star star star star
    Dr. Alissia Zenhousern-Pfeiffer, NMD

    It has been truly a delight to hold an office at Viva MedSuites! The enviroment is welcoming, clean, professional, and each room is perfectly designed for medical practitioners. John is available, attentive and helped make my transition to Scottsdale a breeze. Chelsea is a delight and always available to offer top of the line medical assistance. Highly recommended!

    5-Star Rated Review By Happy Client

    Dr. Andrea Grund |

    Star star star star star

    Viva MedSuites has been a gamechanger for me and my business. As a new entrepreneurial healthcare practitioner, it has been such a blessing to have a medical coworking space to launch my business. The office is always clean and professional. The management do a great job listening to concerns. Highly recommend!

    5-Star Rated Review By Happy Client

    Kristen Carli |

    Star Star Star Star Star

    Practice Types That Can Maximize The Benefits Of Our Suite Rentals

    Satellite Clinics For Established Practices

    Satellite Clinics For Established Practices

    Our suite rentals are ideal for established practices looking to create satellite clinics, maximizing the reach of their private practice.

    Start Up Medical Business In A Rental Office

    New Practice Start Ups

    Start your successful new practice start-up with our med suites packed with the resources you need to establish and grow your practice effectively.

    Office Rentals For Primary Care Physicians In Mesa

    Primary Care Physicians

    Join us at Viva Med Suites to benefit from a conducive space that enhances patient care and supports the growth of primary care practice.

    Rental Suites In Mesa For Physical Therapists And Chiropractors

    Naturopathic & Holistic Practitioners

    Our Mesa medical suites are perfectly suited for providing a dedicated and personalized space for your work.

    Affordable Rental Spaces For Wellness And Fitness Coaches In Mesa

    Independent Medical Exams (IME)

    When you’re an independent medical examiner and you’re looking for a location to practice without the overhead costs, look no further than Viva Med Suites.

    Medical Office Rentals For Nutritionists And Dietitians

    Telemedicine Practices

    Mesa telemedicine practitioners can benefit from our medical office space, whether for weekly appointments or flexible pay-as-you-go appointments.

    Orthodontists And Dental Practices In Mesa, AZ


    Experience suites equipped with the basics you will need as a podiatrist. Contact us today to get started on your membership!

    General Practitioner Providing Medical Services For A Family Of Three

    General Practitioners & Family Doctors

    Our suites are designed to cater to the needs of general practitioners and family doctors, offering a professional and adaptable environment for healthcare services.

    Space Rentals For Specialist Doctors And Surgeons

    Specialist Doctors & Surgeons

    Join Viva Med Suites to benefit from well-equipped facilities that cater to the unique needs of your medical expertise without the bureaucracy and politics.

    Office Rentals In Mesa For Psychiatrists And Psychologists Therapy Sessions

    Psychiatrists & Psychologists

    If you’re a psychiatrist or psychologist and you’re looking for a location to set up your practice, we have you covered with a variety of memberships available.

    Private Rental Space For Dermatologists And Acunpucturists In Mesa, AZ

    Dermatologists & Acunpucturists

    Dermatologists and acupuncturists can benefit from our medical suites and other amenities including a member network to enhance your development.

    Nurse Practitioner Providing Intravenous Therapy For Patient In Mesa

    Nurse Practitioners & More

    If you’re a nurse practitioner by day and you’re looking to slowly start your own private practice, get in touch with Viva Med Suites for flexible office availability.

    Medical Suite Rentals With Flexible & Convenient Membership Plans In Our Mesa Location

    Rent An Hourly, Part-Time Or Full-Time Professional Medical Coworking Space Near You

    Elevate your medical practice with the flexibility and convenience of renting professional medical coworking space at our facility. Whether you need an hourly, part-time, or full-time arrangement, we offer tailored solutions to meet your unique requirements. Our hourly plans provide practitioners the freedom to use our state-of-the-art facilities as needed, while part-time plans offer a balance between flexibility and commitment, allowing termination with just a 3-month notice. For those seeking a more permanent solution, our full-time plans come with the added benefit of a 12-month lease, ensuring a stable and dedicated workspace. Experience the collaborative and supportive environment of our medical coworking space, designed to enhance your practice and accommodate your varying scheduling needs.

    Why We’re Mesa’s Preferred Medical Office Space Rentals

    • Affordable Medical Office Suites Without The Long-Term Lease

    • Minimize Operational & Financial Risks Of Managing Satellite Locations

    • Flexible Workspaces For All Types Of Medical Professionals

    • Instant Access To A Fully Equipped, Professional Clinic

    • Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) Services On Staff

    • Access To Amenities & Reduced Administrative Burden

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    FAQs About Our Medical Suite Rentals In Mesa

    Our leasing options are designed to accommodate your flexibility. For hourly part-time plans, termination is possible with just a 3-month notice, providing practitioners the freedom to adjust their commitment as needed. However, full-time plans do require a 12-month lease commitment. We understand the diverse needs of our practitioners and aim to offer terms that strike a balance between flexibility and commitment. Feel free to discuss your specific requirements with our team at Viva Med Suites, and we’ll work together to find a leasing arrangement that aligns seamlessly with your practice goals.
    Absolutely! At our facility, you have the flexibility to customize your membership by incorporating additional services to meet your specific needs. We offer services such as medical assistant and administrative assistant support, available in convenient 1-hour, 3-hour, or 10-hour blocks. This allows you to tailor the level of assistance to your practice requirements. Feel free to reach out to us for a personalized quote that includes the cost of these additional services, ensuring that you have the support you need to enhance your practice and streamline operations. Embrace the convenience of a membership that adapts to your unique preferences and requirements.
    In the event of a patient no-show for an appointment at our facility, practitioners are allocated 3 one-hour credits per month as a form of compensation for the unused time slot. It’s important to note that these credits are not cumulative and do not rollover into subsequent months. This policy ensures that practitioners have a measure of flexibility in managing their schedules and mitigates the impact of missed appointments. We strive to provide fair and reasonable solutions to accommodate practitioners while maintaining the efficiency of our booking system. Practitioners can utilize these credits to schedule additional sessions or optimize their practice room usage within the same billing cycle.
    While we understand the importance of effective communication, handling incoming calls is ultimately the responsibility of individual practitioners. As we host a multitude of practices within our facility, the front office staff is dedicated to supporting the operational needs of the facility as a whole, ensuring a smooth and efficient environment. While our team excels in managing the shared spaces and maintaining the overall functionality of the facility, practitioners are encouraged to either handle their incoming calls personally or explore options such as hiring a virtual assistant.
    We handle all maintenance, cleaning and technology infrastructure support. All you need to do is focus on treating your patients. No need to spend your precious time on all the many aspects of maintaining a professional clinic environment.
    Experience unparalleled convenience in managing your medical practice rooms and plans with Viva Med Suites through our advanced web portal and user-friendly mobile app. Our dedicated platform empowers you to efficiently oversee your practice spaces, allowing you to easily schedule, modify, or optimize room usage with just a few clicks. Whether you’re on a desktop or on the go, our web portal and mobile app provide seamless access to real-time information about room availability and booking history. Stay organized and in control as you utilize our intuitive tools to tailor your practice rooms and plans to your specific needs, creating a harmonious and streamlined healthcare environment.

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