Medical Office Sharing in Scottsdale

Who We Serve

Viva MedSuites is an ideal professional medical office solution for medical and wellness practitioners that only need a small amount of space to see clients in, but want to benefit from the use of many shared medical office resources that would otherwise only be available in a larger medical office. Some examples of who we are a good fit for include:


Bring your patients to prestigious, high quality medical locations that you’ll be proud to call your office.


Pay only for what you actually need with affordable daily rates. Don’t waste your capital on paying for more than you need.


Start with just one day per week and easily scale up in increments of half-days as your needs grow.

Affordable medical professional office space in Scottsdale Arizona

Starting or Growing Your Practice?


Viva MedSuites is the ideal medical workspace solution you have been searching for but didn’t know existed… until now!  If you are just starting your practice, you don’t need to overextend yourself financially to do get access to a professional medical office space.  Start with just a day or two per week and grow to more days as your practice grows.  Stay flexible as you’re never locked into long leases.  If you are more established but looking to grow your practice intelligently or open a satellite location to serve a new part of town, we give you the perfect solution to accomplish your goals.

Scaling Down or Simplifying?


Viva MedSuites isn’t only for those looking to grow their practice, it’s also for more seasoned practitioners who are at a stage in their lives where they want to simplify and scale down, but not shut down and retire.  With our Scottsdale medical office sharing, you can scale down just as easily as you can scale up.  Go from 5 days a week to 4 to 3 to 2 as you free up your time to pursue other interests without feeling like you have to run at either 100% or 0% just so you can feed the machine of the big medical office and staff.

Private exam room medical office sharing in Arizona

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Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you’re looking for and someone will get back with you shortly to answer your questions and if you’re interested in touring, to schedule a day/time for a tour.